Welcome to the derik.org web server. As the dot-org in our name implies we are a not-for-profit service. We provide internet presence (domain name, websites, email, list serve) for several organizations as a public service because we consider these to be causes worth public attention and because we felt the public will benefit from having access to what these organizations can offer through the use of our bandwidth. There should be no implied connection between the various individuals/organizations to whom we provide separate sponsorship. Each has their own domain name. Each is a separate, independent entity. And each was granted access to our servers on their own merits. Further, aside from the fact that we provide free internet presence services, there is no affiliation between derik.org and organizations we sponsor on our server.

If you think that your organization is providing a valuable service to the community, and would be interested in receiving sponsorship by the derik.org servers, you are encouraged to send a description of your company to sponsor-at-derik.org (replace the "at" with an @ symbol in that email address) and someone will contact you shortly. Please, no political campaigns.

- derik.org staff (Sept, 2007)

- derik.org staff (May, 2005)

- derik.org STaff (Feb 5, 2004).

-derik.org Staff (3/11/2001).